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  Our focus is on the patient.
The team of doctors during a diagnosis conference

We have modern treatment rooms

Treatment in pleasant surroundings

In our specialist surgery at the Facharztzentrum Paderborn (Centre for medical specialists) located on the Gesundheits-Campus we treat diseases of the mouth, jaw and face.

We also give advice and carry out treatment for cosmetic/aesthetic problems of the face.

Usually you will be referred to us for treatment by your doctor or dentist. However you can visit our surgery without a referral.  Please bring along all medical information, examination reports, X-rays and if applicable medication plans.

We will use your doctor’s recommendations as an orientation for your treatment and use new insights and developments in the field of oral-maxillofacial surgery as guidance.

Working together with your dentist or GP as well as with qualified radiologists, pathologists, dermatologists, laboratory clinicians, physiotherapists and dental technicians is very important to us.

We do not carry out general dental work (i.e. fillings, dental bridges, dentures).

We want you to feel well-looked after in our practice.


The atmosphere is light and friendly

  Digital x-ray including 3-dimensional DVT technology